However this dieting plan came into existence, one thing is clear - people who tried it saw great results. You are not supposed to modify the menu, but even those cat essay writer did cat essay writer lost weight fast. Saw a lovely bikini that you want badly. Own it because you will soon fit in it. The military diet plan works not because it is some sort of top-secret plan concocted by scientists tucked away in mysterious army bases.

It works simply because you are subtracting calories from your typical diet. Let us do the Math. The typical breakfast of two scrambled eggs, strips of bacon, toast and hash browns have around 600 calories. A Java Chip Frappuccino can have up to 580 calories depending on the cup size. Say you ate a double-patty hamburger for lunch and downed another cup of creamy and sugary coffee. That would be another 600 calories or so.

Then comes the steak dinner, chocolate dessert, glass of wine and more. Looking at this, your daily caloric intake can easily reach 2,500-3,000. Snacks in between meals are not even counted here. Now, if you follow the provided menu strictly and stick to 1,500 calories daily for the rest of the week, you cannot help but lose weight. You are essentially creating a calorie deficit.

It is all in the Math. Is this diet unhealthy, you ask. While it is highly recommended to consult a doctor before starting this or any diet, just by looking at the meal plan above, it is easy to tell each meal is designed to cat essay writer nutritionally balanced. Greens and fruits are covered as well as items that provide energy.

The caffeinated coffee or tea, without cream and sugar mind you, will kickstart your metabolism and speed along the fat-burning process. Of course, if you have specific medical conditions then great care must be taken before starting this diet. Generally, however, this diet brings results. Many people out there would dismiss the army diet as just some fad or hoax. That is farthest from the truth.

It is an approach not based on tall claims but rather on indisputable science. The reason why this weight loss diet plan is designed to create a calorie deficit is tied to the scientific fact that the body converts unused calories into fat. Eating 3,000 calories a day without exercising ensures that those calories have nowhere to go but into your thighs, arms, midsection, etc.

Without burning the large amount of calories consumed, double chins, love handles and saggy arms happen. That is just how the body works. For those who are too busy to exercise, this is of course a cause for concern. However, if you switch to a low-calorie diet, the body is forced to draw on the fat reserves for energy. That in turn makes you shed off the pounds. Our bodies have these proteins that are structured very much like insulin.

They are called IGF or Insulin-like Growth Factor.

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