MegAfter having the same results as you had, I decided to wait awhile to fast again. I also have found that doing a completely food-free fast takes some practice skipping meals here mu there, pushing mealtimes off by an hour, then two but is MUCH easier to complete than caloric restriction. Paul AlexanderI fast sometimes to give my paepr system a break from the continuous breakdown of food. DianeI tandem nurse and I have been fine eating papper 2:30 - 7:30pm.

I figure it gives the probiotics wriet to work. CliffThe exercise and fasting combo was what concerned me the most when I began IF. ShamonnHello all, I completed my first IF this week. Matthew CatonRead this article on sleep. Fasting, then working out, then eating, then going to bed right away. Vladprimal gigiThanks for this series on IF.

KI should try this soon. I was previously doing long fasts once or twice a week but have since adopted skipping breakfast instead and I find it to be much more manageable. My fasts normally last from 6pm to 11am the next day and 3 days out of the week, I do an intense workout LHT or Sprint followed by easy cycling for an hour total before breaking the fast. You should drink raw eggs in front of them, haha, they might have you committed. Emily MekeelI got that response right out of the gate.

MarisolJoshuaTry an IF and see how you feel. Does anyone else do this. Is this a good idea, bad idea. Anyone care to share their experiences. MariahI have been doing leangains style and really like it. CamilaI have been experiencing the same thing. Other than garlic, shallots, chiles, and the occasional can of crushed tomatoes it was almost a veg-free winter, and I felt great even as my old programming kept screaming that I needed to eat my vegetables-season be damned. As I was saying…. I use the Lean Gains method can you write my research paper really enjoy it. I work out late so m fasting is can you write my research paper rsearch the day, light meal at dinner time, workout a few hours later, eat again afterwards.

Best part can you write my research paper the flexibility. No stress about food anymore. Used to graze all day, and was easily 10-20lbs heavier on average. GeorgeVery conficting info on this subject. I think ultimately he advocates IF. Instead of removing pastry from your diet, you add superfoods. They yo the other ypu and the body quickly associates it with real food that is nutrient rich bringing satiation. So I agree with everything you said. I have lost 60 lbs. When I was down about 40 lbs though I went through a really rough period in my life and fasted for 40 days straight for religious reasons.

Fasting had always scared me before. I lost the last 20 lbs that I wanted to lose and everything in my life got MUCH better. Since then fasting has not scared me and I do IF during the van Mon-Fri. I only eat ca 4 PM til 8 PM, then I feast. I eat good things though. I felt as stupid as stupid can get. I sit all day for my job. Papee after reading the first in this excellent series, I fasted for 8 days.

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