Famished, I walked home to my apartment. Breakfast, 11:45am: This is hardly considered breakfast but it was technically my first meal of the day. I typically eat breakfast first thing when I wake up in the morning to give my metabolism a boost, but I guess today was the exception. Workout, 8am: I woke up early before work and did a 20-minute HIIT workout on the treadmill.

After this I stationary biked for 20 minutes. I completed the workout with a session of abs, jumping jacks, arm circles and stretching. Breakfast, 10:30am: Before sitting down to work I had a meal of 1 small apple, 3 crisp bread pieces and 1 slice of cheddar cheese. Figuring out how much cheese a slice is is hard, especially for my will power because I would eat a block of cheese over a piece of cake. On the site, it says that a slice of cheese is equivalent to the size of 4 dice. I LOVE salt on my apples, so I sprinkled some salt on my apples and a little pepper on my cheese.

Instead of saltines, I opted for fibrous crisp bread crackers. Crisp bread has more fibre to keep you fuller until your next meal, so I always love that. I paired my breakfast with a cup of coffee. TIP: Something that really helps me is drinking water after every other bite or so that I eat. This kind of tricks my stomach into feeling full, especially on the third day which requires the least amount of calories eaten. Between meals, I also love drinking green tea with a packet of stevia. I was absolutely starving and almost shaking from being so hungry.

I said earlier that the first day is the worst, but I have to go back on my word. The third day is absolutely hair-pulling awful. For lunch I had one fried egg, a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. So close yet so far away from being over. All I tend to think about on the third day is how relieving eating a normal meal will be. I did some homework for a few hours, as well as watched 2 episodes of my new favorite TV show, Entourage, and went to sleep. Breakfast, 10am: Although this was the first day off of the diet, and I successfully got through the toughest three days.

For breakfast, I had 2 scrambled eggs, 1 cup of sauteed spinach and a few cherry tomatoes shout out to Whole Foods for their delicious array of cherry tomatoes this time of year… those things are like candy. I had a cup of coffee to top this breakfast off and was on my way to can i pay someone to write my research paper. Class walking tour: On Can i pay someone to write my research paper I toured Wembley Stadium I am SUCH a touristbut this tour actually included a ton of walking that by the end of it, my glutes were a little sore and my calves were aching a bit.

Not only did we walk over 200 stairs at the stadium, there was also a pretty hefty walk to and from the tube station. This was great to get my blood flowing between meals. Lunch, 3pm: I ate lunch a bit late because the walking tour ran late. For lunch I had one piece of whole-grain, wheat-free toast, one fried egg, a small banana and to curb my sugar cravings I got a Superfruit fruit cup from Pret A Manger. Dinner, 8:30pm: After a few more hours of class, I arrived home starving.

It was definitely better than nothing. Because I was up so late doing workout, of course my hunger cravings gave way and at about midnight I made myself an almond butter and raspberry jam sandwich. Breakfast, 8:30am: Before work I had some time to head over to Whole Foods to grab a juice, which happens to be one of the only local juice bars in Camden.

The Whole Foods crew pretty much knows me by name at this point because I go so much, unfortunately for my bank account.

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