Choosing wisely also helps you overcome bad habits that could adversely affect your health later. For example, when you make the decision to stop drinking soda, you lessen the chance that you could develop Type II diabetes from too much sugar consumption. Likewise, opting for grilled meats instead of fried meats could help you avoid a future filled with coronary disease. Many dietary habits found today among the public in general are difficult to overcome. This diet gives you the platform to lose weight and also learn a new way of planning your menus even during the times that you are not dieting.

The military diet is an online diet plan made for users who are either overweight or obese and want to lose much weight within short period of time. The military diet is a guaranteed to work program and works on almost all people. There are mainly three reasons why this 3-day military diet plan works. The Military Diet plan is a low calorie plan - It is known to us that an average woman burns nearly 1700 calories in a day without doing any hard exercise or going to the gym. But, the military diet allows only 1000 calories in a day so you are bound to lose weight.

To increase a pound of fat in your body you need to eat 3500 more calories than you can burn. Likewise, if you want to lose a pound of fat you must burn 3500 more calories than you consume in a day. The can any one write my paper diet keeps this phenomenon in mind and is intended to make the user lose more fat by burning more calories than he eats for three days in a week. The military diet is a method of intermittent fasting - Since the military diet only allows a mere 1000 calories to be taken, it is a fasting plan.

Fasting is a risky activity because it lowers the Insulin-like Growth Factor IGF-1. The lower levels of IGF-1 leads to weight loss and lowers the risk of diabetes and increases endurance. The body goes from growth mode to repair mode when the IGF-1 levels lower in the body. This process makes your body to lose fat. Thus, it can be easily concluded that fasting does not lower the metabolism and it is a safe way to lose fat from your body.

The foods required to be taken initiates your metabolism and promotes the burning of fat in your body. Caffeine is an ingredient that slightly increases the metabolism in the body and thus promotes burning of fat. Joe also does the same thing and improves your metabolism for two hours after taking it. Grapefruit is considered a healthy food especially for the liver and it converts it into a fat burning machine.

Study has proved that the more the calcium is stored into fat cells, the more fat cells it will burn. So, the military diet includes two important sources of fat in ice cream and cottage cheese. The military diet recommends apples that are high in pectin which restricts the amount of fat being absorbed in the cells. The veggies that are included in the 3 day military diet are low on calories and the carbs are included in minimum quantities. The military diet recommends only low calorie and low carb foods and the users are not allowed to snack or eat in-between the meals.

The military diet recommends even less than the minimum advised amounts of calories to be consumed per day by both the males and females. This leads to a situation of intermittent fasting and the user loses weight quickly. Can any one write my paper military diet tries to include all essential nutrients and give proper nourishment to its users but limits the amounts of calorie intake much less than recommended levels. The user can eat three ounces of any meat, a cup of green beans, 1 small apple, half a banana and a cup of vanilla ice-cream for dinner.

The 3 day military diet allows a break of 4 days per week where every user is free to eat whatever they wish and this acts as a significant motivator. Water: We are very aware of the importance of drinking water for human beings and the health benefits associated with drinking it. The military diet requires from the users to drink a lot of water and thus makes the user to lose weight and stay healthy.

Snacks: The military diet does not allow the users to eat snacks in between. The main idea behind the military diet is that users eat only what is allowable to them. They should eat a total of 3 meals a day containing a lot of proteins and other nutrients. Meals: The users would not need to make and eat a lot of complicated fat loss recipes. The preparation of the meals is also very quick and inexpensive. No high-fat or high carb foods are included in the military diet. Some of the common foods found in the military diet are Bananas, whole wheat bread, tuna, one type of meat, green beans, broccoli, cottage cheese, eggs, hot dogs, and vanilla ice cream.

All of them are low on calories and have high nutritional value. I am Pamela White, owner of this site.

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