What is a diet. Military DietWell-known Military Diet that is also called the 3 day diet, is considered to be one of the fastest ways to lose about 10 pounds per week. Drinks:Water is the best drink for you. Check out the plan and also it can become your Military Diet Shopping List. LunchEnjoy 5 saltine crackers, eat 1 well-boiled egg and 1 cup of cheese cottage.

DinnerEat 1 cup of broccoli with 2 hot dogs without bun. DAY 3BreakfastEat 1 small apple and 1 slice of cheese cheddaradd 5 saltine crackers. LunchOne slice of toast and one well-boiled egg you can cook buy custom essay writing service you like. READ ALSO: Which is the fastest food to cook. NewbieShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSend email1 commentsWow, that was quite a weight loss journey. What is the original spinach dip recipe. Animal protein source - 7 top for NigeriansWhat is cat poop coffee - most expensive coffee in the worldWhat does bitter kola do to the body.

You must eat just what is listed. This diet tested by buy custom essay writing service people who lost pounds and get in a quick shape. I was desperate to find something that works. Anyway, 3 day military diet is beneficial for the health and it could be repeated after a four-day break. Personally, I exercise daily the diet, but, I always keep in my mind to do not overdosing. I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes every day, with a small amount of food.

I recommend a drink, at least, a gallon of water daily. It reduces somehow hunger. Indeed, it is very healthy. In the 3 days of the diet, you should lose 10 pounds i lost 9 pounds. NO, Your Belly Is Bloated And Here Is How To Reduce Or Eliminate It. Get A Smaller Waist By Following These Tips Healthy Super Foods That Help To Burn Belly Fat The Best Nutrition Plan For Fat LossYour email address will not be published. The "Military Diet" actually has no connection with the military anywhere in the world. It is a low-calorie fad diet which will likely help you to shed a few pounds temporarily.

However, neither math nor science back up the claim of a 10 pound weight loss in three days. The unknown creators of the diet also offer buy custom essay writing service evidence to support their ambitious claim. The military diet, also known as the 3 Day Diet, is a calorie-restricted diet that limits your choice of foods for three days a week.

The combination of foods are said to boost weight loss by some chemical-combination mechanism, not defined by buy custom essay writing service creators of the diet. There is no magic to this diet, however. Any diet that reduces calorie intake can result in some weight loss, however ill-advised the diet may be. Some people might find this diet convenient because they don't have to count calories, or prepare intricate meals.

Does the military diet work. The math doesn't add up. The military diet contains about 750-1100 calories a day. Suppose your regular diet that maintains your current weight has 2,250 calories a day. On the military diet, you will eat around 1,500 fewer calories a day, or a total buy custom essay writing service 4,500 fewer calories over three days. To lose one pound you have to eat 3,500 fewer calories. Any additional weight loss would likely be water loss. As with any other low calorie, or very low calorie diet, if the military diet is followed long-term, the reduced calorie intake can make it harder for you to lose weight.

In addition to the lack of proof that this diet helps you to lose 10 pounds in three days, the military diet has the following deficiencies and concerns: These kinds of low-calorie diets LCD and very low-calorie diets VLCD should only be done under close medical supervision. For the overweight and the obese, the health risks of the extra weight might outweigh the risks of short-term reduced-calorie diets. These groups can lose 3-5 pounds a week on a LCD and VLCD plan, if done under safe medical attention, that includes a strategy to keep the weight off after stopping the diet.

The only "magic" way to lose weight is to manage your calories with a healthy weight loss plan that is sustainable.

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