Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Jeremy Young

Jeremy Young during the Loose Cannon Mission to The Unknown - Reunion in 2000.

Jeremy Young as Gordon Lowery.
(Mission to The Unknown, 1965.)

Jeremy's first TV appearance was in Deadline Midnight in 1961. He is probably best known to Doctor Who fans as the caveman Kal in An Unearthly Child. He therefore has the distinction of being the first ever Doctor Who 'baddie' by hitting the Doctor on the head and kidnapping him in the second episode. He appeared in Doctor Who again two years later in the story Mission to the Unknown as Gordon Lowery, this time up against the Daleks.

Jeremy's other TV roles include The Avengers, Adam Adamant, The Three Musketeers (as Athos), The Saint, Department S, Doomwatch, The Sweeeney, Space 1999, The Professionals, Minder, Romeo & Juliet, The Tripods, Eastenders, Poirot, Taggart and Brookside.

One of the most striking things about Jeremy Young is his razor-sharp sense of humour. Some of this trait comes across in the Mission to the Unknown - Reunion. But many very funny comments could be heard emanating from Jeremy whilst watching the reconstruction of Mission to the Unknown. A delightfully funny and friendly man Jeremy does little acting now, preferring to direct and to teach drama.

Jeremy Young was interviewed in DWM issue 296.

Jeremy Young can be seen in the "Mission to the Unknown: Reunion" interview that accompanies the reconstruction of:
LC13 Mission to the Unknown

Jeremy Young as Kal.
(An Unearthly Child/100,000 B.C., 1963.)

Jeremy Young as Gordon Lowery.
(Mission to The Unknown, 1965.)

Jeremy Young as Policeman.
(A Hard Day's Night, 1964.)

Jeremy Young as Lord Castigan.
(The Avengers 1966.)

Jeremy Young as George Burton
(The Avengers 1968.)

Jeremy Young as Llewellyn
(Doomwatch, 1970.)

Jeremy Young as Jack Bartlett
(Space 1999, 1976.)

Jeremy Young as Bert Croft
(Poirot, 1989.)

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