Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Kevin Stoney

Kevin Stoney during the recording of the introduction to The Invasion reconstruction in 2002.

Kevin Stoney as Tobias Vaughn.
(The Invasion, 1968.)

Kevin Stoney was voted the Daily Mail's 'Villain of the year' in 1965 for his portrayal as Mavic Chen "The Guardian of the Solar System" in "The Daleks' Master Plan". His commanding performance under thick oriental makeup as madman Chen was truly memorable.

Three years later Kevin was back again in Doctor Who in a similar role, as Tobias Vaughn, this time conspiring with the Cybermen to take over the Earth in "The Invasion".

In 1975 he returned again to our screens to play the Vogan leader, Tyrum in "Revenge of the Cybermen" less recognisable on this occasion under a latex mask and for once opposed to the invading monsters.

Kevin was born in 1921 and started his acting career in theatre. During the Second World War he served in the RAF in the Middle East, but after crashing too many aircraft he was soon moved from pilot to navigator. His acting career started again after this and he became a familiar face in theatre, film and TV over the following 40 years.

His many TV appearances include The Adventures of Robin Hood, Danger Man, The Prisoner, The Avengers, Counterstrike, Out of the Unknown, Doomwatch, Ace of Wands, The Tomorrow People, Space 1999, I Claudius, The New Avengers, Blake's 7, All Creatures Great and Small, Quatermass and Bergerac.

In the mid 1980's fan magazine DWB announced that Kevin Stoney had died, and he therefore amazed a DWAS convention audience in 1987 when he appeared at the back of the main hall looking remarkably well for a dead man.

Since meeting Kevin Stoney he has remained a good friend of the Loose Cannon team.

Kevin Stoney was interviewed (by the Loose Cannon Team) for DWM issue 310.

Kevin Stoney provides the introduction for:
LC19 The Invasion

Kevin Stoney as Mavic Chen.
(The Daleks' Masterplan, 1965-66.)

Kevin Stoney as Tobias Vaughn.
(The Invasion, 1968.)

Kevin Stoney as Tyrum.
(Revenge of the Cybermen, 1975.)

Kevin Stoney as Dr Markwell.
(Murder at the Gallop, 1963.)

Kevin Stoney as Sir Gerald Bancroft.
(The Avengers, 1967.)

Kevin Stoney as Hal Symonds.
(Doomwatch, 1970.)

Kevin Stoney as Talos.
(Space 1999, 1975.)

Kevin Stoney as Tomkins.
(The New Avengers, 1976.)

Kevin Stoney as Ardus.
(Blake's 7, 1981.)

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