Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Mary Peach

Mary Peach during the recording of the introduction to The Enemy of the World reconstruction in 2001.

Mary Peach as Astrid Ferrier.
(The Enemy of the World, 1967-68.)

It can certainly be said that the character of Astrid Ferrier is very strong and dominant throughout the Dr Who story Enemy of the World. In fact the character appears in every episode of the story whereas the regular companions Jamie and Victoria are absent for part 4 (Frazer Hines and Debbie Watling being on holiday for that week). The lovely Mary Peach produces a memorable portrayal of 'Woman of Action' Astrid Ferrier. It is quite rightly said that the character of Astrid would have made a very good regular member of the cast.

Mary Peach was born in Durban South Africa in 1934. She is married to writer, producer and director Jimmy Sangster who is probably most famous for his involvement with many of the Hammer Horror films. Mary Lives in London. Mary recalls that she took the role of Astrid mainly for her children, to prove to them that Dr Who was not really scary and sometimes took them into the studio.

Mary featured in many major film roles throughout the 1960s. One of her most memorable appearances was as Rock Hudson's wife in A Gathering of Eagles (1963).

Amongst her other TV appearances are Alcoa Presents, The Saint, The Three Musketeers, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Disraeli, The Gentle Touch, The Far Pavilions and A.D.

Mary was extremely impressed with the reconstruction of 'Enemy of the World' and especially asked for a copy so that she could show her (now grown up) children and hopefully remind them of the time they encountered the world of Dr Who.

Mary Peach provides the introduction for:
LC15 The Enemy of the World

Mary Peach as Astrid Ferrier.
(The Enemy of the World, 1967-68.)

Mary Peach as Victoria Caldwell
(A Gathering of Eagles, 1963.)

Mary Peach as Fred's Wife
(Scrooge, 1970.)

Mary Peach publicity photo.
(Spotlight photo, 1976.)

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