Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Terence Lodge

Terence Lodge during the recording of the introduction to The Macra Terror in 2005.

Terence Lodge as Medok.
(The Macra Terror, 1967.)

Terence Lodge has fond memories of working on the three Doctor Who stories in which he appeared. He recalls freezing weather and quarries for the Macra Terror, poor conditions alleviated somewhat by generous swigs from the BBC brandy bottle.

Terence lives a "stone's throw" from the Hammersmith bridge in London where he was often given a lift by Jon Pertwee on days when they both had the same call. Terence recalls uncomfortable costume fittings for Carnival of Monsters, being hooked on the "Om" mantra from Planet of the Spiders and remembers standing next to Jon Pertwee when the telecine of his regeneration into Tom Baker was first played.

Terence enjoys watching football and walking his dog. Many thanks to Terence for recording material for this reconstruction.

Terence Lodge provides the introduction for:
LC24 The Macra Terror.

Terence Lodge as Medok.
(The Macra Terror, 1967.)

Terence Lodge as Orum.
(Carnival of Monsters, 1973.)

Terence Lodge as Moss.
(Planet of the Spiders, 1974.)

Terence Lodge as Borowski,
(The Avengers episode "Man with Two Shadows", 1963.)

Terence Lodge as "The Wringer",
(The Avengers episode "The Wringer", 1964.)

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