Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Mark Eden

Mark Eden during the recording of the introduction to the Marco Polo reconstruction in 2001.

Mark Eden as Marco Polo.
(Marco Polo, 1964.)

One of the reasons for the success and popularity of Marco Polo must be attributed to the magnificent performance of Mark Eden in the title role. His portrayal of Marco and the narration of the journal entries are still remembered by many people nearly 40 years later. It is a role Mark remembers with much affection and he too would love to be able to see the episodes again.

Born in London in 1928, Mark Eden became assistant stage manager at Swansea Repertory Company before joining various repertory companies in Llandudno, Richmond and Windsor. In his long running career he has also worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and at the Royal Court.

Mark's film career is very extensive including: The Password Is Courage, The L Shaped Room, Heavens Above, Doctor Zhivago, The Crimson Cult, and Attack On The Iron Coast. His other television work includes: Quatermass and the Pit, The Detective, The Saint, The Avengers, The Prisoner, Out of the Unknown, The Professinals, Crime Buster, The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs; Jesus of Nazareth; Wilde Alliance; General Hospital; Sam and Crown Court.

In 1978 he joined Coronation Street as lorry driver Wally Randle, a role he played for six months. In 1986 he returned as Alan Bradley and remained with the series until 1989 when he character died underneath a Blackpool Tram.

He is married to fellow Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls.

Mark Eden provides the introduction for:
LC17 Marco Polo

Mark Eden as Marco Polo.
(Marco Polo, 1964.)

Mark Eden as an older Marco Polo in a special introduction sequence for the Loose Cannon reconstruction in 2001.

Mark Eden as Second Journalist.
(Quatermass and the Pit, 1958.)

Mark Eden as Nicholson.
(The Avengers, 1962.)

Mark Eden as British POW.
(The Password is Courage, 1962.)

Mark Eden as Engineer at Dam.
(Doctor Zhivago, 1965.)

Mark Eden as Number 100.
(The Prisoner, 1967.)

Mark Eden as Alan Bradley.
(Coronation Street, 1986-89.)

Mark Eden as Boucher.
(Poirot, 1993.)

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