Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Edward de Souza

Edward de Souza during the recording of the introduction to Mission to the Unknown reconstruction in 2000.

Edward de Souza as Marc Cory.
(Mission to The Unknown, 1965.)

Born in 1933, Edward de Souza began his acting career in theatre before being cast in a number of films and TV series throughout the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Edward is probably most recognised for a minor part he played as an Arab Sheikh Hoseim alongside Roger Moore in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Other TV credits include The Avengers, Department S, 1990, The Sweeney, Sapphire and Steel, Rumpole of The Bailey, and Boon.

Edward appeared in Doctor Who in the single episode story Mission to the Unknown. Since none of the regular cast featured in this episode, Edward playing Special Security Agent Marc Cory was the star of the show for a week. Edward recalls that during the original transmission he watched Mission to the Unknown with his young son on his knee. When the character of Cory was killed at the end of the story his son had to turn around to make sure that his father was still there.

Edward is a delightful man who was more than willing to provide the Mission to the Unknown introduction for us. He also played host to the evening of the cast reunion.

Edward still accepts acting work occasionally, but spends much of his time enjoying watercolour painting and helping out at a local nature reserve on the banks of the Thames.

Edward de Souza provides the introduction for:
LC13 Mission to the Unknown
and also in the "Mission to the Unknown: Reunion" interview that accompanies the reconstruction.

Edward de Souza as Marc Cory.
(Mission to The Unknown, 1965.)

Edward de Souza as Harry Hunter.
(The Phantom of the Opera, 1962.)

Edward de Souza as Brian Collier.
(The Avengers, 1963.)

Edward de Souza as Arab Sheikh Hoseim.
(The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977.)

Edward de Souza as Busby.
(The Sweeney, 1978.)

Edward de Souza.
(Sapphire & Steel, 1982.)

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