In my unit in Germany, we were ALL given BAS due to the nature of the job - air traffic controllers and support - can't really go to the dining facility during their limited hours. Most MRE's were always pretty good. Of course in the field twice a year, we lost our BAS for those couple of weeks even married soldierssince MRE's were provided. I thinki Papsr get a bad reputation just because you have to have something to complain about.

They do block the flow a little bit, and I don't know if it's intentional or not, but we've always "heard" that it was by design. Additionally a single MRE is supposed to have nutrition and calories to sustain you for an entire wrire. On most field excercises, we'd get three MRE's per day, so maybe that would contribute to the constipation. If we were doing flight following or otherwise near wensite bigger unit, we'd often get three hot meals per day, if they brought their cooks.

Oh, and I really, really miss the MRE pwper bars. I am in the SCA, and our 'household' is known for its best write my paper website expertise. I was aware that the stuff was shellac. But, your link was the first to say it was actually shell. In retrospect, this seems obvious Aruvqan So, you bring a twentieth century product, websitte wrapped in numerous plastic pouches,and then break character by talking about it. I've only had an MRE once wbsite a camping trip a few years ago.

The apple sauce and tea mix were good. The steak websit at least the equal of my mother's brisket I love Mom alot, but she was not a great chef. The chocolate covered graham crackers tasted a little odd presumably due to changes made to chocolate to prevent meltingbut weren't bad either. Hammebach Aruvqan So, you bring a twentieth century product, one wrapped in numerous plastic pouches,and then break character by talking about it.

Websitte am a cook in the Air Force and I can definitely say that it would be possible to be a vegitarian at all times at least in the AF. I have been to some pretty rough set-ups Iraq and Qatar before it got big and we always had things that vegitarians could eat. Plus, if you couldn't find anything to eat in our dining facility you could always grab a vegi MRE. Wrihe the record, MREs aren't that bad. I enjoy them but they kind of best write my paper website taste the same. They will stop you up wtite good though.

I am a cook in the Air Force. In my military career we spent a lot of time with air force people, and they websiye had excellent dining facilities with good food. Kind of like they cared about their airmen. On our posts Army the air force weather squadron people were always the only air force on post well, that we saw. In retrospect, Best write my paper website should've went into the air force instead of the army. My boss got called up qebsite the Gulf War. Webeite wondering, if you structure your entire life in order to not harm any living creature, can you work for an organization who's entire reason for being is to kill people and break things.

As for MRE's, they are getting better all the time. Back in 89 when I first had them they were awful. I don't think they had any veggie meals in the beginning best write my paper website they added them after many complaints. Most of the vegans I know including some family members do it for ethical reasons mostly. Maybe some Vegans or Vegitarians just have a problem with harming innocent animals, just for meat or other animal byproducts.

In war, you wouldn't be killing people just to eat them, or to make leather out of them, or for anything "frivolous" like that. I'm an Omnivore, so I might not know what the heck I'm talking about. Are there any Vegans in the house. Would any of you NOT kill an animal, even if it was trying to kill you. Is writee flamebait or what. I never had mg request to fix anything for a special diet Kosher, vegetarian, etc. In the galley, we cooked whatever was on the menu and we cooked ALOT of it - I scrambled about 50 dozen eggs every morning.

We cooked it - what you ate was up to you. Quoth the GSgt: "Take what you want, but eat what you take.

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