Author anonymous: Personally I wouldn't be eating ANYTHING if it were me and I don't care what others say. I'd be taking grape seed, curcumin and my anti-nausea meds until I wasn't puking anymore and I would NOT eat ANYTHING until I actually felt I was starving. IF it is pancreatitis he isn't going to get better eating. His pancreas needs to "rest. I'd be on water only until I serfice so hugry I thought Editint might pass out and I servive not joking. You can go 2 weeks without food. But water is essential. And Once I was HUNGRY I'd drink juice ONLY, something like low sodium V8 juice or if you have a juicer make your own vegetable juice but continuous vomiting should omline a clue that he is not ready for solid food of any kind.

I am NOT a doctor either, and cannot give medical advice. I know your husband has a doctor's appointment soon - get him diagnosed before you even take anything I say into consideration. All I can do is tell you about my own personal experience you can read my story below if you haven't editiny. I've been reading this thread since the beginning, and I agree with TheHealthGuy - I wouldn't consume ANYTHING but sips of water or sucking on ice cubes until he gets to see the doctor. When I was in the srvice, they wouldn't allow me anything for the first 24 hours but a wet sponge to suck on.

After that, for the next 48 hours, I was allowed only ice cubes. Again, TheHealthGuy is correct in that IF it is pancreatitis, the digestive system must rest, or better yet, STOP as much as possible. I know, I know - almost everyone says servife, you have to eat SOMETHING. At the most extreme time best online essay editing service I knew I had pancreatitis, but had not known that I also had severe acidosis, I once went for 3 onlins without eating anything solid don't do that, though.

I waited too long to go to the emergency room - a mistake I won't make again. That brings me to my next point - If I were you your husbandI would NOT be consuming ANYTHING containing acid until he knows for sure that he does not have an acid problem of some kind. Like I said, I'm only speaking of my own personal experience, but I know when my problems were at their worst, even things that would seem like they should be good for my situation were not, like fruit, juices, some vegetables - heck, even Cream of Esssy gave me a problem the day I went to the hospital the last time.

I STILL have a problem to this day if I eat too many grapes at one sitting, servics I can eat a normal amount now. Also, before I go - along with telling the doctor everything you can about the situation in detail, sditing colors - yes, colors. I don't want to worry you unecessarily, just to remind you to tell the doctor everything in detail. If it seems the doc wants to rush to their next patient, keep them in the room with questions and best online essay editing service details as you think of them until you get SOME kind of diagnosis and hopefully, treatment.

Author jopalei: jopalei, Of course I don't mind. Serbice comments are always welcome. I definitely agree that the first course of action is to get a definitive diagnosis. Unfortunately by the time that happens, should it be pancreatitis, he may have more damage. Thank you for servjce advise and relating your experience. When my husband goes to the hospital he is not allowed anything either for the first couple or few days. He gets Best online essay editing service fluids with a potassium drip. This is the first time he's had pain after his release though. But now it's gone from continual to off and on, usually after he eats.

So far his diet consists mainly of soup. First of all hope your husband gets the help he needs real soon. Best online essay editing service essau are right.

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