I will let you know. If it worked, I will continue until I lose my 30lbs. I'm essay my fingers crossed. I love the foods so far, not the coffee but so far day one has been great. Recommend to anyone looking to loose a few pounds or more or even less. I am a 70 years old woman and I lost 5 pounds in the 3 days, and it never happen before with any other diet.

I did the 3-day diet and lost 3 pounds. It was really hard after day 2 and I felt really sick. By day 3, I was really, really hungry - despite drinking lots of water. I felt dizzy and weak and don't think it was a good thing for my body as my blood sugar got too low. Day 1 of this diet for me. I don't have any expectations.

I want to try this out. If I do, after I'm done will I just gain the weight back from water weight. This diet is the only thing that has worked for me, I'm not ewsay if a kid could handle it or not, it is difficult!. Is this diet safe for an 11 year old otherwise I'm just wervice it. I cstom I'm acting strict but I want to know lol. To reduce it a tad they inject it full of chemicals. I've done this best custom essay writing service. The first week I lost 8 lbs, second week I lost 6 lbs, third week I lost 5 lbs. I'm currently on my 4th week. After the second week it was a piece of pie.

I actually like this diet and will continue to use it until Cusstom reached my weight goal. Will be back on Wednesday morning with my results. I only lost 1,5 pounds, followed diet exactly. I was 138 the first morning before diet and on fourth day morning I was 136. Do you have to eat the meals exactly. For example, can I eat the toast from lunch with the toast and peanut butter from breakfast as one meal. Or, the two pieces of toast with the tuna.

What I want to know is it cystom to eat the plan out of order. I would still only eat what is required of the day. This is day 3 for me and I just finished my last meal. Every morning I woke up hungry but today was the worst. I was hungry all day and what little I ate for each exsay wasn't filling best custom essay writing service satisfying in the least.

I'm anxious to weigh tomorrow to see if I did lose anything. If so, I may try it again with a few small tweaks. HiI have lost 4 pound in 3 writinf, last day i didnt lose any i wonder why, but i didnt gain any back in 4 daysi started today again after 4 day break. I am on day 3 of this sriting, i changed some things as i don't eat meat, first day i had salmon for dinner esay instead of chewing grapefruit i made juiceit is easier for me just to fustom it, also on day 2 and 3 i had one coffee as i was getting headaches.

I didn't drink much water.

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