It had beets on the 3rd day of dinner tho. LOL Funny how things come and go. It does help you lose. Its just hard to not go wacky on those 4 days off. High steps 20791 10. The time now is 04:31 PM. RegisterFAQToday's PostsSearchWeight Loss Support Give and get support here. Supposedly, you can lose tons of weight by only dieting for 3 days.

They claim you can lose up to 10 pounds a week or 30 pounds per month with dieting only 3 days a weekwhich leaves me pretty skeptical. Does the diet work. The diet is simple enough, with a different menu for each of the three days. These items make for a pretty simple shopping list. Thankfully, there are some substitution options you can use to mix things up. These can also make it vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. One pound of fat is equal to about 3,500 calories. Most people eat around 2,000 calories per day. That sounds like a miserable setup for caffeine withdrawal.

Truth is, you can drink black or artificially sweetened coffee anytime you feel like it. Ice cream for dinner. Combined with saltine crackers and toast, these carb sources are possibly the worst of any diet ever. That should be a major red flag. This myth is absolute pseudoscience and untrue. You might assignment help essay well follow a more balanced diet for 6 days and have one cheat day.

In that sense, this diet works. There are plenty of better options. Also, here are my before and after results for when I tried it out myself. More info on this diet here. It comes with portion control containers to give you an allotted amount of each food group each day. If it fits in the container and is one of the many approved foodsassignment help essay can eat it. Any of these options would be decent alternatives. If you decide to try the 3 day military diet anyway, let me know your results in the comments below.

The information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Any results mentioned on this site are unique, and your results will vary. Always consult your doctor before making any healthcare decisions, including those related to weight loss. Some links are affiliate links. As a society obsessed with weight loss we are constantly bombarded with the latest and greatest diet.

But this one has to take the cake. The 3 Day Military Diet is yet another glittering example of how to lose weight quickly and then gain it all right back using horrible nutrition advice. To be totally transparent I have not tried this particular diet. Have you ever seen the movie Full Metal Jacket. No movie has done more to educate an audience in assignment help essay various colorful ways to drop an F-bomb between every word in a sentence. I highly recommend it. One of the characters in this film about Marines in the Vietnam war is an overweight private that is considered too fat to go through basic training.

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