Breakfast, 8:30am: Here we go again. My stomach feels smaller application essay help I notice that I get fuller much faster than I usually do. Whenever calories are restricted, your stomach really does get used to how much you are consuming. I also stopped snacking at night, which has made such a huge difference. For breakfast this morning, I had 1 cup of raspberries and 1 piece of rye toast with 2 tbsp.

Calorie wise, this was totally fine, but the site says not to substitute anything for grapefruit. The site also says that grapefruit is a major application essay help and it helps to alkalize the system. Fat flourishes when the body is acidic, so choosing alkalizing foods will help flush out fat. I looked it up and saw that berries were catabolic, alkaline and also have a low-glycemic index. Contrary to what you would normally think, they also have minimal amounts of sugar in comparison to other fruits.

I figured berries were my best option if I were to substitute anything. I was really hungry before lunch but got full pretty fast, especially with the coffee. Workout, 7pm: I was feeling pretty tired today so I decided to do a short workout. After, I ran 1 mile on the treadmill and jogged 5 minutes back to my apartment. Lunch, 2pm: I had 1 cup of cottage cheese.

I paired this with a cup of coffee and it staved my hunger until dinnertime. Dinner, 6pm: I had a piece of grilled chicken with tomatoes instead of carrots and 1 cup of broccoli. Wine, 9pm: I drank a glass of wine this night. Lunch, 1:30pm: For lunch I brought one piece of toast and 1 fried egg. For breakfast, I had some sauteed spinach and cherry tomatoes with 2 eggs.

Lunch, 4:30pm: I had quite a busy day on Thursday so I ate lunch fairly late. I brought with me 1 cup of tofu and a piece of toast. I also had a small fruit cup from Pret A Manger. For dinner, I had 1 cup of cottage cheese and a banana. Breakfast, 8am: I was traveling this week all over England, so on this day I had a quick breakfast of a fruit cup. I never eat pizza so this tasted incredible. Workout: Throughout the day, I walked a few miles sightseeing and shopping. Not exactly an intense workout, but I got in a bit of exercise.

Breakfast, 10am: I had English Breakfast this day with some friends. Not the healthiest option, but it kept me full all day application essay help. I got really sick during this Saturday, so I definitely needed some energy to refuel my body. I came down with a sore throat early application essay help morning and was feeling pretty weak. Dinner, 9pm: For dinner I had a small caesar salad.

Again, maybe not the healthiest application essay help but I was out all day, so I needed to refuel my energy. I was still feeling really sick and had to cut my application essay help early to head home in order to see a doctor. Lunch, 12pm: After a long weekend of traveling with friends, I woke up feeling even worse than the day prior and headed straight for the ER to see what was going on. The doctor diagnosed me with tonsillitis I physically could not speak words for a full 36 hourswhich was a major bummer, especially because I was entertaining friends from the US while traveling around England for the weekend.

At 12pm on Sunday I finally had an appetite, so for lunch I had tofu with sesame ginger dressing and onions. It was the perfect healthy lunch after a weekend of semi-guilty eating and being sick. Dinner, 7pm: For dinner I had a Greek salad with olive oil and a side of potatoes with salt and pepper. I was still feeling really nauseous, so I figured some healthy salad would make me feel better. My weight is 49. The only downfall I experienced was that it was really hard to choose healthy food options when I was going out to eat.

I gave in the last few days to some of my cravings English breakfast and pizza but I think for the most part I did fairly well. I feel less bloated, less heavy and more motivated to continue on a healthy eating path.

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