I say give it a try, and if it dosent head well try something else. Everybody has a diff body weight so its,not going to work for everybody. I lost exactly 4 pounds. I followed the diet to a tee, but had to add 1 Tbls light mayo to the 2 tuna entrees in order to eat it. I averaged about 2 bottles of water a day. I started this diet yesterday, and waking up this morning I lost 2 pounds the first day with an inch off my waist.

I exercised strenghth and anyone used a essay writing service a total of an hour cardio. Excited to see what day 2 brings!. I cannot eat tuna or green beans it makes me very sick. So I used chicken or cottage cheese instead of tuna and 3 cups of raw spinach instead of green beans. I also did Zumba 2 times within the 3 day spand. Overall, I am happy and that I will continue to do this diet. Sure this will get you short term results… But clean eating will last you a lifetime. I was all excited about it until I looked it up on another site.

Day 2 is full of food full of saturated fat and cholesterol. Nor healthy at all. I am going to continue this diet BUT, with some changes. Like eat only egg whites instead of the whole egg. And no hot dogs for dinner but, grilled fish in moderation instead. Also no ice cream for me. I am doing this while nursing my 11mth old, I would not recomend for anyone that cannot supplement at least 1 bottle a day for babies under 6 months. Im on end of day 2 didnt anyone used a essay writing service in yet but jeans arent so tight on my stomach and it seems flatter.

My son seems fine, supplementing a bottle is a mutual benefit because i noticed a little light-headedness but Anyone used a essay writing service checked my blood sugar and its good. I did add 1 slice of chedder about 2oz at lunch today because the saltines breakdown fast and i wasnt sure lunch would hold me to dinner. So far I physically see improvement.

I think it works better if you have more body fat. My sister is much thinner and only lost 5 lbs but i think I will beat her. Tried this for three days and added 1 cup of green beans to the third day for my husbands benefit. I lost 10 pounds!!. I will do this again next week. Just completed the 3 days and lost 4 pounds. Stretched out the meals, using the fruit that was included with the meals as a snack an hour our so after the meal.

I started doing it today. I am a skeptic, and will be trying this diet to prove results. I am an active person who eats clean, and exercises daily. Day 1 for me is today, my morning workout and breakfast down. Will post results, if any. For any questions on whether this diet is ok for people who are overweight…. It helps them get started with a diet plan if they follow it exactly it includes a exercise plan as well. You should have a higher BMI to do this for a months time. Just be careful and be smart.

Cheated last night with fast food But as healthy as I could get with fast food - HA and lost 4.

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