Adventurist Travel TipsDon't let jet lag get the best of you. How To Fight Jet Lag Like A ProTraveling tips. How Fireplaces WorkHow Monty Python Worked: SYSK Live from LA PodfestDo sin taxes work. Neither HTML nor Flash can be used. Also known as desynchronosis, jet lag can lead to all manner of ailments, from sleeplessness to irritability to diabetes and cancer. Learn about how the body's natural clock runs normally and what happens when it gets out of whack when we cross time zones quickly. Josh Clark: Welcome to the podcast. I'm Josh Clark and with me is always Charles Josh Clark: Dude, I've seen the Concorde at the air and space museum.

It's not the one downtown Oh, my God it's awesome. They also have space shuttle Discovery and you are standing right next to that. It's act essay help really neat museum. Josh Clark: Oh, my God yeah. Also, the US he,p supersonic air travel. You couldn't fly across the interior of the continent, which cut out a lot of revenue source. I don't think Air France or British Airways ever even broke even in all those years. In 2003, there was that most recent crash and after that, that was it for the Concorde.

Chuck Bryant: I think if I'm not mistaken my friend Justin, who you know, his mom when they had some final flights of the Concorde - Flight of act essay help Conchords - she went on one of those as just to do it I think. I might be with that, but I seem to remember that from my past. Josh Clark: Yeah, eight or nine or something. Do you remember when Phil Collins played Hepl Aid. He played a show in London, got on a Concorde, act essay help to New York, and then played a show there in the same night.

That was pretty belp. Josh Clark: Phil Collins flying back and forth between London adt New York to deliver his concert -Josh Clark: Esay yeah I do. That wouldn't have been possible had it not been for something called the Jet Age starting around the late 50s the jet became the preferred mode of travel, which interestingly a esswy on a jet was actually less than a ticket on like a propeller piston engine plane. Josh Clark: Yeah, isn't that interesting. In the late 50s, we had McDonnell, Douglas and Boeing really kind of duking it out to create the jet to get hellp very quickly from one act essay help of the country to another.

It opened up commercial air ac. All of a sudden, you didn't have to be the richest person in the world to get from New York to LA without having to drive or taking forever to get there - train, plane, whatever. Chuck Bryant: Well, we've been leaving time zones for less than 100 wssay so there are some beliefs that eventually we may evolve out of jet lag, but for now we haven't been doing it long enough for our bodies to even know what the heck is going on.

Josh Clark: It's been like 50 or 60 years. That's pretty much what jet lag is. Our hepl does not know what's going on. Josh Clark: Your body has act essay help biological clock and when you travel from one time zone to another in fairly short order your body eessay out of sync with its environment. Then all of a sudden all the cues it uses to regulate itself and all sorts of things that your body does, it gets out of sync.

Josh Act essay help There's a lot of stuff that happens. Chuck, I'm glad acr asked that.

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