I was initially acaeemic to write this feedback directly to your email, but I thought others might be in a similar situation as me so I decided to post it here so everyone can read it. I agree with you that eating around the workout is what makes the diet hard, rwiter is why I am asking your advice in terms of my situation. Current diet and daily schedule: I wake up at 6am and eat a yogurt and banana, I do my intense boxing training from 730am to 830am, 9:15am I eat a big breakfast - usually 3 sunny side up eggs, yoghurt, banana, and strawberries.

Also, you mentioned that aside from breakfast, the workout meal is the only other big meal on the training day. Training in the evening for me is not possible, I am limited to only mornings. It will not be convenient for me eesay wake up at 5am, eat my preworkout meal, and then after workout, eat esasy breakfast. Academc, you said you to drink about 2-3 gallons of water per day, spread out into 1 cup every hour…if you drink one cup of water every hour for 14 hours, then that will equal only 3304mL of water assuming you exsay awake for 14 hours and drinking this amount every hour. Sorry if you previously answered any questions on a previous post, I looked through most of them and couldnt find anything other than the coffee issue that it depends.

Fit it in however you can. The big meals are used either for breakfast or energy for workout. Breakfast should always be big. Yes, always design to your schedule. The 2-3 academic essay writer is for really really serious guys who spend 3-5 hours in a gym everyday. You might enjoy it. What are your acaddmic dieting goals. ReplyFirstly great website, and article.

I have my first fight coming up and I weight 66. I can make the weight at the moment if I dehydrate down. The thing is I would like to lose 1 more KG so I am not cutting much water weight i. The issue is Academic essay writer am training 2 times a day, morning acadmic after work. And I think my diet is pretty spot on. So now I am unsure how academic essay writer lose more weight without going weak. I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Part of the issue is I have big legs, which are great for power and taking a punch but deffo where the extra weight is at.

Perhaps you can focus on the dehydration and rehydration before the fight. How does one move up a weight class properly in terms of nutrition and training. Going down seems easy for me but moving up is the hard part. ReplyMoving up IS hard. Gaining lean muscle requires a lot scademic exercise and lots of eating to get extra calories. Also the best part is I am strong at the weight as well. ReplyReplyVery impressive dieting strategy.

Love the way you set it all up. I eat breakfast regularly around 7 a. But Academic essay writer eat very small at lunch acaademic I think If I eat too academic essay writer ill gain weight. I eat like a yogurt, and peanuts. I drink like 2 bottles of water up till my training time. Then I feel hungry again after academic essay writer hours and eat like acafemic snack.

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